Crime Stoppers of Sarasota County approves rewards once every month. Reward approval rests solely with the Crime Stoppers board and not with law enforcement or any other entity.

The criteria used to determine reward eligibility includes the following:

1. The tipster must have contacted "Crime Stoppers" and provided information regarding a crime or wanted fugitive.

2. The information provided must have been previously unknown to law enforcement.

3. The information must have been provided prior to action being taken by law enforcement.

4. The information must have been instrumental to making and arrest, or to the recovery of stolen property. 

Only anonymous tipsters to Sarasota County Crime Stoppers, Inc. are eligible for cash rewards based on criteria approved by the Board of Directors.  A person seeking compensation through Sarasota County Crime Stoppers, who does not remain anonymous, such as informants, bounty hunters, etc., will not be eligible for rewards.